TDOR Meditations

We pause now for moments of memory for those who came before us

For those who spent their lives hidden
For those who could never come out
For those who could not even accept themselves in secret

All those whose religious community has oppressed them, abandoned them, or abused them. All who have had shame imposed upon them, who have borne a burden of guilt for their sexuality or their gender.
All who are still navigating difficult and painful relationships with families or with their religious community. All who have taken leaps of faith. All who will never feel safe inside their places of worship again.

Those who ran the risks, refused to hide, and fought for a world in which they could survive and love.
Those who changed people and communities around them by their bravery and strength in great vulnerability.
Those who refused to take part in normalised oppression and abuse, who stood up for those being attacked and murdered, and who themselves were killed for it.

We remember them
We remember them

We hold in our minds and hearts and the candles burning here tonight the memory of the thousands of transgender people who have been murdered in the last decade, and the untold numbers in the decades before. Though their names go into darkness, their struggle will not be forgotten by us.

We remember them
We remember them

We remember the LGBTQ migrants who have died seeking asylum and safety in the past year. We remember those who fled war and oppression, only to become victims of the human trafficking that is engendered by the cruel and inhuman border policies of Europe and the UK.

We remember that these struggles are not over, that there is hope in these places, and that love and justice can and shall overcome.

We remember them
We remember them

We remember all who have died at the hands of fascist dictators, collaborators, and far-right extremists. Jewish, Gay, Trans, Disabled, Muslim, dissenters and innocents, in their millions.
We remember Brazil, and all those who are living in fear for themselves or their loved ones.
We remember that all of this has happened before. That passed over, so this may too.
We remember the power of love in this world, and all that can be achieved by people despite the worst pains and oppressions. We can fill ourselves now with renewed hope and determination by remembering the great love of those who gave so much that those times could pass, and those who are giving now, and will give more still in the days, months, and years to come.
We prepare to go out from this place to share that love with the world.

In hope, solidarity, and love, we remember them.
We remember them.